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El Árbol is an exciting and inclusive concept offering the residents and visitors of San Miguel de Allende, México a marketplace and café established with a communal relaxed atmosphere of friendship and our commitment to enhancing our natural state of well being.

Inspired by a deep seated conviction that our connection to each other and the Earth is how we will not only prosper but thrive. We invite everyone to come visit El Árbol. Our offerings include an espresso and juice bar in a comfortable lounge like atmosphere. We’ve created a space to hang out, get to know each other along our common road to a more healthful life style.

Our merchandise includes a complete and growing line of supplements, traditional and local herbs, Ayurvedic medicine, plasma patches for pain relief, meditation pyramids and more.

CARLOS CHANCELLOR returns to El Árbol on Friday, March 13th, 2020 at 5:00 PM

El Árbol is super excited to have Carlos Chancellor return for another deep diving conversation into one of the most mysterious of Alchemical principles, the union of the masculine and feminine or Coniunctio. This will be an interactive discussion.

Here is what Carlos Chancellor has written on this most fascinating subject:

Coniunctio: The Masculine and Feminine in Alchemy

“As some alchemists had to admit, that they never succeeded in producing the gold or the Stone. I cannot confess to have solved the riddle of the coniunctio mystery. On the contrary, I am darkly aware of things lurking in the background of the problem; things too big for horizons.”  – C. G. Jung

The term coniunctio comes from Latin, literally meaning conjunction, and refers both in Alchemy and Psychology to the coming together of a pair of opposites.

And the ultimate pair of opposites in Alchemy is contained within the pair referred to as the Feminine and the Masculine. Though synonymous with, these concepts are not exactly identical with Female and Male. 

So, then, what is meant by these terms and how do they differentiate with their anatomical analogs? What do they have to do with life and creation? What makes them clash and how is their coming together into one symbolic of the divine union of human with God in the Mystery traditions?
I don’t know.

Like Jung, I myself do not have those answers. But, perhaps together, we can explore this mystery a little further. Come, bring your Anima (feminine aspect of men) or Animus (masculine aspect of women) and let’s do some deep exploration into dark and sticky territory this Friday the 13th. It is here in the union of the opposites that we shall encounter something utterly new that can have the potential to breathe new life into our lives.”

Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you!

We are asking those who would like to attend to make sure to RSVP since space  is limited.   elarbolsanmiguel@gmail.com or call Christine at +52 (415) 124-0456.                                          


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Jeni from Colorado…
“I have to share that the plasma foot bath you provided has proven to be nothing shy of miraculous. After 10 months of complex and disabling foot pain, my pain has all but ceased for 2 days now since the soak! (Despite having hiked the Pyramid of the Sun the day before, and walked extensively the day off, and walked – even ran through Dallas Ft Worth airport yesterday – ! Was sure I would be effed after that, and remain pain free!!! I am home (earlier than planned, bailed on the trip, wasn’t jiving with the vibes)…. my family and I are in awe of my recovery and overwhelmed with gratitude. Sitting on my couch now with the plasma patches on my sore quad, and reflecting on how strange and beautiful life is. My holiday did not go as hoped, but I received a rare gift when I stumbled into your store, and everything unfolded with divine perfection.”

Every week we will be writing new articles or sharing with our visitors some of the best health information available from around the world. Our commitment is to not only research but verify what we present. Christine’s life long dedication to well being and a life lived as close to nature as possible has helped her develop a keen sense of the human body and the interconnectedness of all Life. We take a broad spectrum approach to healthy living that includes many traditional tools as well as the most cutting edge approaches to help the body rediscover it’s innate vitality. We are not licensed and do not offer medical advice what we can share with enthusiasm are results, not only of our own personal journey but that of friends, family and others.

Latest Articles and Writings

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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”  – Thomas Merton


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The story of Essiac Tea, a simple inexpensive four herb tea that cures cancer? Even AIDS maybe?


Plasma Physics | Cold Plasma Technologies with amazing health benefits!

The challenge I am presented with is how to bring something so simple out the complexities we’ve been enmeshed with for such a long time now. By moving out of materialism the predominate perspective we have of ourselves and the physical world into an expanded view that everything is primarily energy. This is the future unfolding within us.

One may ask, how within us? It is to this I will write. We’ve all heard the phrase “we are all one”  yet to our outward seeing eyes we perceive division and an infinite manifestation of forms, from the people we meet to the animals, trees, oceans, rivers and the earth beneath our feet it appears we are separate. Most of us think that “we are all one” as a spiritual concept and rarely take enough time to deepen into the greater reality these words contain.

This is where our work with plasma technologies (plasma can also be referred to as the ethers) is the bridge between what we see and what we don’t see. Most aliments and disease are due to imbalance, in our own bodies and certainly that which is apparent on our Earth. Due to overuse of toxic chemicals and wanton disregard on how mechanized “technologies” are destroying the innate balance of our planet we are seeing creatures disappearing at an alarming rate, weather anomalies, etc. What we are learning and experiencing is that by bringing back the inner balance to the living cells our bodies and all life forms we initiate and support a natural process that helps us return to health, vibrancy and well being.