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Good morning friends, whenever I carve out a space in time to write I am thinking of the so many people in my life who have given so fully from their hearts and souls. While you are those I speak to I am being led to give this information out to the greater whole and attempt to build a field of coherent comprehension of the magnificent simplicity of creation which we are intrinsically a part of.

Those who are close know that I initiated an on the ground ‘health shop’ a friend here in Mexico. We have a magical shop created from the pure intent of Spirit and the bestowing of many gifts.

The challenge I am presented with is how to bring something so simple out the complexities we’ve been enmeshed with for such a long time now. By moving out of materialism the predominate perspective we have of ourselves and the physical world into an expanded view that everything is primarily energy. This is the future unfolding within us.

One may ask, how within us? It is to this I will write. We’ve all heard the phrase “we are all one”  yet to our outward seeing eyes we perceive division and an infinite manifestation of forms, from the people we meet to the animals, trees, oceans, rivers and the earth beneath our feet it appears we are separate. Most of us think that “we are all one” as a spiritual concept and rarely take enough time to deepen into the greater reality these words contain.

This is where our work with plasma technologies (plasma can also be referred to as the ethers) is the bridge between what we see and what we don’t see. Most aliments and disease are due to imbalance, in our own bodies and certainly that which is apparent on our Earth. Due to overuse of toxic chemicals and wanton disregard on how mechanized “technologies” are destroying the innate balance of our planet we are seeing creatures disappearing at an alarming rate, weather anomalies, etc. What we are learning and experiencing is that by bringing back the inner balance to the living cells our bodies and all life forms we initiate and support a natural process that helps us return to health, vibrancy and well being.

In these days we are confronted with so many chronic diseases that for all the billions of dollars of research money are never cured. The best that what we call modern medicine can do is ameliorate and suppress symptoms and many are caught in a loop of pharmaceutical drugs, each one producing side effects that are often and unfortunately treated with more drugs.

To be fair at times these preparations are necessary in limited amount and usage, along with the advances in surgical procedures to repair broken bones and other traumas caused by accidents modern medicine has a welcome place. Again I return to the word balance, indicating the harmonious whole, that which is the ordering of the natural world.

Plasma Physics – An Invitation to Explore

The length of this writing would be too long if I were to delve into plasma physics and since I am not a scientist I will simply introduce the reader to a few of the many who are doing this work, for those who are interested I will leave links at the bottom of this article.

Fundamentally real scientists, not those stuck in the prevailing scientism that has lost touch with true scientific research, are doing some mind bending research which is clearly demonstrating that our cosmos, our solar system, our Earth and the human body are all governed by the same dynamics, field perturbation or resonance (production of movement within the field or ethers) due to electricity (dielectric charge) and magnetism. The concept is so simple that many miss it on first view so I invite those with open curious minds to do some exploration. [Please see videos at end of this writing.]

Plasma Technologies – A Basic Introduction

GANS – Gas at Nano State was developed and introduced by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe an Iranian nuclear engineer. He and his foundation brought together many engineers, scientists, and lay people from all over the world and while there is much controversy surrounding him many have benefited from this technology. Today there are thousands of individuals around the globe who are working with cold plasma production and using it in a wide variety of ways, our main focus is to promote healing and a return to a sustainable balanced life.

Here is a brief description of the terminology and methodology used in plasma production:

Matter: The physical viewable structure is called matter which is the well known three states, solid, liquid and gas. In the state of matter the atoms and molecules are tightly bound together.

Nano: In the nano state the molecules and atoms are opened to create space so that the energy can more freely move between them thereby releasing the energy potential. Allow that I add a word of caution here, nano is a measurement and as many are now concerned about nanobots and other nano technologies that are harmful to our living cells it is suggested that you consider that anything in existence can be utilized for positive life enhancing technologies as well as detrimental life destroying technologies. These harmful uses are a concern however this is not the intent of this writing to disclose this at this time, for in reality we all exist in all the phases of matter from the plasmatic to the solid and we all are at one level nano.

Plasmatic: Using a simple process of either electrical current or acid to open the structure of matter into the nano state we create a superconductive surface. Here you can think of your stomach acid that opens the molecules of the food to unlock not only the nutrients but the energy within the food. To precipitate the plasma that is produced we set these materials into a saline water solution. It is rather miraculous to watch this process, tiny particles that are being created can be described as minuscule suns, each emitting an energy field that can’t yet be measured. This confounds scientist that have declared, if you can’t measure something it doesn’t exist.

However the field of energy can be seen as shown in the photos below. These photos were taken of our plasma production, when frozen and it can be clearly seen that there is a field of energy, in the bottom right photo one can detect that these fields are torodial.

Does our consciousness affect the manner in which creation occurs?

The work of thousands of scientists, poets, artists, and mystics whose Observations of Nature answer this question with a resounding Yes! Most are familiar with the infinite patterns of snowflakes, do ponder that because if you do it should blow your mind.

Inwardly giving attention to our own resonance or field perturbation becomes the essential realization that our thoughts, feelings and emotions do affect the whole.


The important work of Masaru Emoto along with many others clearly demonstrates this to our seeing eyes.



The heart is a bio-magnetic field generator, in other words it is an essential observation of how we are influencing the dynamics of the whole, the stronger the heart’s beat, the more we tune this most vital organ are we able to ameliorate the stresses of daily life.

Plasma is an amazing way to regenerate and repair damaged cells, returning them to an original state of perfection.

“We use elements such as carbon, iron, zinc and copper as well as gold, silver and other elements. Herbs, crystals and any other material can be used with nanotechnology to create a plasma which is known as the fourth state of matter although it can more appropriately be called the first state of matter.

Plasma holds an extremely high vibration and can be utilized for the benefit of humans, animals, and plants alike. Changing the condition of the elements from a material state to a nano state and then to the form of plasma (GaNS, gas at a nano state) increases the potential energy of the substance.

Once a plasma is created the information of the plasma can be copied into water, at this point it can be used in a wide variety of applications such as body care products, medicines, pain relief gels or patches, etc.

Once the conceptualization of some very simple principles are internalized and we begin to shift our perception from the purely physical model to the energetic one the potential is infinite.”

Nature Reveals in The Same Pattern

“The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics.”

~ Galileo Galilei

Nature’s spiral of life in perfect mathematics and beauty reveals that from a central point life moves outward. This pattern is repeated in every particle from the atom, now seen energetically as a toroidal form, from the emerging human fetus to the formation of solar systems, stars, galaxies and beyond.

Recommended resources and videos:

The side effects and the damage to our bodies natural healing capabilities are being shown to be due to overuse of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and toxic chemicals, it is my humble opinion that we all owe it to ourselves and future generations to inform ourselves to not take the prevailing line of politically and financially imposed dogmas as true:

Del Bigtree is an activist whose research into the harm we are doing to our children and ourselves is one of the most well informed and motivated people to listen to.

This interview with Professor Christopher Exley is highly recommended for those who are concerned about the effects of aluminum in vaccines and other vectors in which it enters our bodies.

To find out more about plasma physics and the electrical universe a good place to begin is with Thunderbolts Project and the much appreciated work of Suspicious 0bservers (Ben Davidson).

Garrett Hill: Laboratory Investigations into Nature | EU2017 This is an upload from Thunderbolts Project with the following description:

“Coherent patterns exist in nature at all scales, and electricity seems to have an important role in the evolution of all things. Have you ever wondered how species-specific pollination occurs or how certain creatures can exhibit seemingly instantaneous collective coherent movements at high speeds? This presentation will introduce a company and some of their research into coherent structures in rotating plasmas and self-assembly in electric fields. Garrett will show laboratory experiments from a variety of devices and will discuss ideas on how the results may inform more comprehensive theories around the analogous phenomenon observed in nature.”

The Fourth State of Matter Could Scrub Viruses From The Air

This is a recent video release from mainstream science that is also exploring the potential uses of plasma. “Using cold plasma as an air purifier is not only safe, but can eliminate 99.9% of a test virus from the air…in a fraction of a second! According to research from University of Michigan, here’s how it works.”

I could include over a thousand references all relating to the now is future potential for the human being yet many are in need of more immediate help either because they are suffering from curable pain and disease or the emotional upheaval of loved ones who are suffering. Below are a few resources using basic graphics that we’ve prepared for those who want to start using plasma in their daily lives.

Here are a few downloadable PDF files to help you get started:

Handbook for Applications of Plasma

El Árbol Brochure English

El Árbol Brochure Spanish

Where to purchase and find more information about plasma:

Contact either Tom Salas or Christine Anderson Facebook:  El Árbol de la Vida or through our website: El Árbol San Miguel

We will be offering a workshop on how to set up your own plasma reactor on June 22, 2019. Included in our presentation will be practical and simple applications, please join us. Plasma is an absolutely renewable energy source and the cost is minimal.

The below video is a short compilation of two plasma reactors and anyone can make one with a few inexpensive materials. In the second segment an experiment is performed by creating CO2 plasma in a sealed container with a CO2 meter, without any external current the reactor is pulling the CO2 out of the atmosphere.

About the author from a previous writing:  Electromagnetism and The Aethers | Where the Finite Meets the Infinite is Love

My name is Christine Anderson and I have been researching and writing for many years about the nature of reality, human consciousness and how conscious awareness interfaces with our world. In the process I became acutely aware that something wasn’t correct about how we were taught to think of the world. Since early childhood we are shown static models and given to believe that science knows everything. We are in great need to break down this paradigm into to the fundamentals of what lies beneath the physical form.

At the turn of last century many brilliant minds introduced a model of the Universe based on energy, magnetism and frequency. To name a few: Nikola Tesla, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and Royal Rife. The fact is this development of life enhancing rather than destructive technologies was suppressed, stolen, or destroyed. Dr. Reich was arrested and spent the end of his life in prison for developing a passive energy device that was bringing rain to the crop fields desolated by drought during the great depression. I mention this for those who are unaware to give pause and question why this was done.

Those whom were committed to keeping the world in a materialistic model ruled the day and so we entered the industrial revolution and with it came the dominance of the machine, from petrochemical fueled engines to the building of dams to produce electricity we have negatively impacted our world. We’ve been turned into consumers with little awareness of the ongoing destruction this mentality is creating nor do we know what lies behind it.

Human consciousness is now at a juncture, and we must choose whether to allow this destruction to continue or open our minds and hearts towards suppressed science and a more metaphysical or holistic view of reality. For as we allow for the continued destruction of our biome we are also experiencing damage to our bodies and our children’s bodies. Through the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs with all their side effects coupled with the now prevalent use of psychotropic or mood altering drugs millions of people all over the world have been irrevocably harmed.

For many decades now I have been a free thinker and deep diver in the unseen realm of energy. My work in this short video is to introduce suppressed knowledge and real science. It is an offering to help others come to an innerstanding of the true nature of reality.

We know, as it has been scientifically proven, that meditation and prayer have a positive affect on the whole as well as on the individual. To take this one step further is to open the mind to see how this occurs, to open the doors of perception and to open our hearts to the whole is the key. Once we fully comprehend how every thought, word and deed is creating reality we have the real knowledge to be the change we want to see in the world.

Once we relearn to think with our hearts bio-magnetic field, the possibilities are infinite for with love and an observant lucid mind we can create anything.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us.

The Importance of Balance

Most of us recognize that our lives have taken on a sense of urgency due to consuming constraints on our time and many feel a depletion in their vital energy. If we allow this state of being to continue for too long it can lead to the beginnings of illness.

We all have been told how stress is the primary cause of disease and yet few of us have delved a bit deeper into why we experience continued states of stress, many if not most have come to accept this as normal. In fact we live in a world that is full of stress from the financial and political sector to the expectations of behavioral norms which we live with and feel we need to conform to, this is often subconscious so we don’t see a prevailing pattern that has disconnected us from Nature and the rest of the world.

Even in this beautiful Mexican town we feel the impact of events happening close by or in our home countries. We observe the many systematic injustices around us every day when we walk down cobblestone streets or visit the local markets. Many do good works to help alleviate poverty and lack of opportunities for our fellow humans yet if we are honest it often feels like we aren’t doing enough. Poverty continues to exist and worse is that many fellow human beings live in countries torn by war and civil upheaval.

Even our yoga practice and other activities such as meditation and prayer are crunched into time constraints as the next appointment, obligation, or social engagement invades a real need to let go and just be. By writing about balance and harmony I am bringing in my own experiences and revelations.

What did our ancestors know that we have lost touch with?

The most obvious answer is the related to common sense for their survival was dependent on food supply, weather and shelter. They lived in a natural order and harmony with the Earth because this was vital in every way. As modern men and women we have come to depend on distribution of food neatly packaged in our local supermarket, medicine manufactured from pharmaceutical companies, our transportation dependent on petrochemical products that are harming our biome from the moment they are pumped out of the ground, to the refineries spewing plumes of toxic waste and into our vehicles emitting more toxins into the atmosphere. Because of our dependency on this harmful cycle we have detached ourselves from direct contact with nature, with trees, bees, birds and the infinite beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. This trajectory is unsustainable, when fully realizing this an imperative is born from within to reconnect.

How often do we really hear the still voice within?
A voice that can be heard as wind whispering in the branches of trees, or as the song of birds with the fist morning light, do we stop to notice that at sunset the birds fly toward the west? When is the last time we sat on a sun warmed boulder feeling connected… Or silently listened to the sound of the ocean coming ashore or the gentle lapping of a rivers current running along it’s course. There is a depth of wonder in these small things.

Silencing the dichotomy of the mind split into paradigms of right and wrong that is always arguing with itself and others is a choice every human can make. For the proliferation of digitalized reality through our televisions, smart phones, and the internet of things has created a false sense of what life really is.

How do reverence for life and gratitude affect our health?
Reverence is a word often reserved for religious ceremonies, for some unknowable deity. Even atheists and agnostics in their beliefs will miss the most reverent aspect of living on Earth, for without her abundance we could not live. There is a vital pulse that every human feels in their doings, it arises in the heart the moment we feel the amazing grace of being connected body, mind, and soul. With growing awareness we naturally will be filled with gratitude and that makes all the difference in the world.
We can cultivate silence for long periods or short momentary ones simply by remembering to give thanks.