Most of us recognize that our lives have taken on a sense of urgency due to consuming constraints on our time and many feel a depletion in their vital energy. If we allow this state of being to continue for too long it can lead to the beginnings of illness.

We all have been told how stress is the primary cause of disease and yet few of us have delved a bit deeper into why we experience continued states of stress, many if not most have come to accept this as normal. In fact we live in a world that is full of stress from the financial and political sector to the expectations of behavioral norms which we live with and feel we need to conform to, this is often subconscious so we don’t see a prevailing pattern that has disconnected us from Nature and the rest of the world.

Even in this beautiful Mexican town we feel the impact of events happening close by or in our home countries. We observe the many systematic injustices around us every day when we walk down cobblestone streets or visit the local markets. Many do good works to help alleviate poverty and lack of opportunities for our fellow humans yet if we are honest it often feels like we aren’t doing enough. Poverty continues to exist and worse is that many fellow human beings live in countries torn by war and civil upheaval.

Even our yoga practice and other activities such as meditation and prayer are crunched into time constraints as the next appointment, obligation, or social engagement invades a real need to let go and just be. By writing about balance and harmony I am bringing in my own experiences and revelations.

What did our ancestors know that we have lost touch with?

The most obvious answer is the related to common sense for their survival was dependent on food supply, weather and shelter. They lived in a natural order and harmony with the Earth because this was vital in every way. As modern men and women we have come to depend on distribution of food neatly packaged in our local supermarket, medicine manufactured from pharmaceutical companies, our transportation dependent on petrochemical products that are harming our biome from the moment they are pumped out of the ground, to the refineries spewing plumes of toxic waste and into our vehicles emitting more toxins into the atmosphere. Because of our dependency on this harmful cycle we have detached ourselves from direct contact with nature, with trees, bees, birds and the infinite beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. This trajectory is unsustainable, when fully realizing this an imperative is born from within to reconnect.

How often do we really hear the still voice within?
A voice that can be heard as wind whispering in the branches of trees, or as the song of birds with the fist morning light, do we stop to notice that at sunset the birds fly toward the west? When is the last time we sat on a sun warmed boulder feeling connected… Or silently listened to the sound of the ocean coming ashore or the gentle lapping of a rivers current running along it’s course. There is a depth of wonder in these small things.

Silencing the dichotomy of the mind split into paradigms of right and wrong that is always arguing with itself and others is a choice every human can make. For the proliferation of digitalized reality through our televisions, smart phones, and the internet of things has created a false sense of what life really is.

How do reverence for life and gratitude affect our health?
Reverence is a word often reserved for religious ceremonies, for some unknowable deity. Even atheists and agnostics in their beliefs will miss the most reverent aspect of living on Earth, for without her abundance we could not live. There is a vital pulse that every human feels in their doings, it arises in the heart the moment we feel the amazing grace of being connected body, mind, and soul. With growing awareness we naturally will be filled with gratitude and that makes all the difference in the world.
We can cultivate silence for long periods or short momentary ones simply by remembering to give thanks.

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